Lufthansa Consulting is an award-winning management consultancy with a broad range of expertise in the aviation industry. Clients benefit from customized business solutions and our in-depth knowledge of factors which are critical for success. Aviation is our business.

The Lufthansa Consulting difference

Bringing our experience of over 35 years, Lufthansa Consulting is the go-to partner for solving problems, improving performance and gearing up for the future.

It takes more than extensive industry expertise and experience to explain our success. It requires continuous innovation and a collaborative approach towards solving problems and realizing potential for improved performance, efficiency and profitability.

Lufthansa Consulting began services based on a simple proposition: to take the know-how from operating one of the world’s largest aviation groups and apply it towards creating value throughout the global aviation industry.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for our expertise, reliability and professionalism with carriers, airports, governments, investors, financial institutions, manufacturers and aviation-related businesses and organizations. Our track record is not just a success-breeds-success story, it is the result of tackling our clients’ challenges as if they were our own.

Our profound knowledge is enabled by state-of-the-art data sources and a strong collaborative approach. In an ever-evolving industry, we aim to provide our clients not only with theoretical recommendations but with robust solutions and targeted hands-on implementation support.


Our core asset

Our core asset is our experienced experts who hold a strong track record in their respective area of expertise. Many of our consultants are qualified Scrum Masters, Product Owners and specialists in agile project management and/or hold PMI certifications. This allows us to support your business by taking over specific roles for the individual challenges you face.

Our consultants’ functional and industry expertise supported by our methodological approach allows us to act as a strategic advisor or a functional specialist to help your organization implement practical solutions. The leadership experience of our more senior staff equips them with the necessary skills for the position of project manager or – if required – shadow manager. We also take on the role of mediator to ensure successful change management.

From qualified support to durable results

Rather than applying off-the-shelf solutions, we begin each project with a thorough assessment, which gives us an insight into the status quo and the challenges of your organization. It also allows us to identify quick-wins and realize short-term enhancements. 

Based on the findings, our consultants develop custom solutions in close co-operation with your business units to ensure that the recommended changes are fit-for-purpose. During the implementation phase of projects, our teams are tasked with ensuring that your organization can benefit from our expert guidance as well as an active transfer of knowledge.

For our
we are:

Skilled Specialists

  • We have comprehensive expertise in a specific knowledge area;
  • We design, implement and optimize key processes.

Strategic Advisers

  • We employ state-of-the-art strategic consulting tools;
  • We have profound understanding of the aviation market and its dynamics.

Interim Executives

  • We have extensive, in-depth experience in aviation industry topics;
  • We lead companies and projects.

Implementation Managers

  • We understand and implement management processes;
  • We have international project management experience.

We are

We are



Statement of the Managing Director of Lufthansa Consulting

As an aviation and management consulting company, which is dedicated to assist international clients from the aviation sector and related industries, and as a Lufthansa Group subsidiary, Lufthansa Consulting stands for fair competition, integrity and responsible action. Our goal is sustainable economic success with systematic adherence to all applicable laws, guidelines and regulations of our compliance program.

The Management Board and all Lufthansa Consulting employees are aware that any violation of such applicable laws poses an extraordinary risk to Lufthansa Consulting, to the Lufthansa Group as a whole and to ourselves as individuals. Infringements are not tolerated in our company and lead to sanctions against those responsible.

All Lufthansa Consulting employees have a duty to actively participate in implementing the Lufthansa Compliance program in their daily work and in their respective areas of responsibility.

Hannes Müller, Managing Director, Lufthansa Consulting