Webinar ACI Africa: Time to fly again – Shaping a world of trust

Click here to visit the webinar recording on YouTube

Tune into the presentation “Getting them to fly” by Catrin Drawer, Head of Market Africa from minute 14:35 to hear her insights and expertise for the airport ramp-up in Africa.

Gaining back the trust of passengers and instilling confidence in the new normal are critical prerequisites for a quick recovery and long term survival of the air transport industry.  Airports, airlines and all the other stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem have no choice but to work together towards achieving a rapid, safe and harmonized restart of operations on the ground as well as in the air.

In this webinar, industry experts, who have been closely working with different operators for a smooth and efficient resumption of airport activities in various parts of the world, including in Africa, will share with us their views and experience.  The composition of the panel:

  • – Mr. Ali Tounsi, Secretary General, ACI Africa
  • – Mrs. Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner, Lufthansa Consulting GmbH
  • – Mr. Arnaud de Lamotte, Vice President, Business to Governments, Bureau Veritas
  • – Mr. Antoine Blin, Director of Aeronautics & Space Agency, Bureau Veritas
  • – Mr. Gilles Darriau, Director General / CEO, DG Airport Consulting

The webinar was moderated by Mr. Romesh Bhoyroo, Director Strategy and Business Development of ACI Africa.