Rethinking Airline Organizations: What if we could start from scratch?

Covid-19 imposes a major challenge on airlines around the world: survival. The initial focus was on crisis response, i.e. managing the shut-down, drastically cutting cost and enabling the carrier to remain in business. In the crisis recovery mode, we see a fundamental rightsizing of many airlines globally to get in shape for the ‘New Normal’.

Before the crisis, several airlines had already initiated major transformational programs to leave behind old patterns, organizational silos and inefficiencies. The current rightsizing threat amplifies the need to transform.

In this White Paper, our Lufthansa Consulting experts for Airline Organizational Development, Florian Schwendner and Lars-Michael Wendel, take a fresh perspective on airline organizations and develop an archetype-driven design methodology. The result is an approach to design an airline organization, that is future-fit and enables individual functions to reach their full potential within organizational structures that meet the specific requirements. Agility is not an imperative. Neither are rigid structures. It is the balance that makes the difference.

What if we could start over and create a future-ready airline-organization from scratch?

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