Podcast: Bringing Customers Back, Part 1

Lufthansa Consulting’s aviation experts share their perspective on the top four trends in customer experience and how they will matter on the way out of the Covid-19 crisis. What do customers need to regain trust in global travel in time of the pandemic? What do they expect in exchange for spending their money?

In this episode, our listeners will find out how new health and hygiene measures complement the trend of the seamless travel journey and why both are of utmost importance to succeed in creating a positive customer experience in aviation.

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Dominique Bayer – Consultant

Wolfgang Bublitz – Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Customer Experience
Julian Wildtraut and Vera Aurbach – Associate Consultants in the Solution Group Customer Experience

White Paper: Contact Wolfgang Bublitz for your copy of the whitepaper: Wolfgang.Bublitz@LHConsulting.com