Initial results of the Airline Operational Excellence Survey

While the airlines are currently entering one of the most difficult winters of their modern history, they continuously ask themselves: how to re-invent their business to secure a place in the so called “new normal”? The operations, among other areas, will have to change significantly. To inspire the stakeholders and decision makers, Lufthansa Consulting is releasing initial results of its Operational Excellence Survey. The survey was carried out shortly before Covid-19 hit the world and its results might offer valuable insights into how to do things differently, when starting arguably from scratch. There is a great potential in digitalization, however this comes at cost and funding might not be immediately available. Yet the upcoming quiet winter period is a great opportunity to review airline operations and make sure that the basics are done right and that, once ready, the organization is prepared for a new era of airline operations.

The initial results focus on the areas Operational Excellence, Planning, Steering, OCC and Perfomance Management. The article calls airlnes to consider these learnings from the past when rebuilding their airline operations for the “new normal“ and use the inspiration from the initial results of our Airline Operational Excellence Survey.

Read the initial results of the Airline Operational Excellence Survey here

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