AIR Convention Digital Week: “Comeback to the skies” video – How to navigate through uncertain times

While airlines are more or less on ground since springtime and revenues have been eroded, the question remains how to deal with the incomparable challenges in the current situation. Beside financial constraints, adjusted recovery depends on thorough planning to put capacity in unstable markets with precarious customers. The tough task to predict the demand without the historical backing of network planning algorithms challenges network planners around the globe. The uncertainty of the airlines jumps over to the predictions of airports depending on the capacity deployment of the carriers.

Lufthansa Consulting tackles the recovery strategy with new elements in the network planning added to the demand forecasting. Focus is on reduced lead times, high volatility and significant increase of flexibility in fleet deployment. So, aviators need to learn to fly again, pushing the boundaries of their forecasting abilities.

Watch the Lufthansa Consulting “Comeback to the skies” video here

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